Robert J Lojewski II is an Automotive Appraiser with over  28 years of Automotive experience.  He is currently a member of the International Automotive Appraiser’s Association (I.A.A.A.). Robert J Lojewski II has had vast experience with New and Used Automobile Dealerships by being a Manager at Three Different Chevrolet Dealerships.  He has experience with General Motors Option Codes as well as the ordering process, documentation and provenance needed for proving a Vehicles’ Legitimacy.  Robert J Lojewski II not only has vast knowledge of more current vehicles but he also has a vast knowledge of classic automobiles as well. 


Robert J Lojewski II has won numerous awards from Chevrolet Motor Division and was a Certified New and Used Car Manager.  Robert J Lojewski II has also owned and still does own different collectible vehicles.  He also studies and attends all the current Automobile Collector Car Auctions to stay abreast of the marketplace and make as accurate as possible appraisals.



Currently Robert J Lojewski II is an Advisory Board Member for NADA Guides. He has also completed the IAAA Diminished Value Continuing Education training.



Robert J Lojewski II

IAAA Member # 1012300007


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